Greetings to you all, I am Brendenbryl, and this is my collection of journals and tomes. I have been walking the face of Endarik-Veles and other realms for a very long time and have written about my travels. Here you will gain rare access to my many volumes of knowledge detailing my encounters with strange and unique places and people. Hear the stories I have heard from others across the land and learn of my own experiences. Due to the vastness of knowledge my library holds, making its contents available to you is a long process. I hope you find the information I share with you to be enlightening, and perhaps even entertaining. Now where did I put that first journal…

Brendenbryl, the Lore Walker (11,746 PdE)

“In the Willowshire Valley, at the south end, there is a town called Dark Water. It is a place talked about a lot in Parlan and elsewhere in the valley. Dark Water township sits near the the deserted magic academy of Denerin. Denerin Kolo was a wizard of the highest caliber and wealthy as well. He founded the academy even before Dark Water became a community. He had learned the arts of a battle mage and taught magic use and combat. Denerin sought power in the magical arts and turned to necromancy. He devised a device that he called the Well. It was an interplanar opening which tapped the fabric of The Void, a plane made up of pure negative energy. With this energy he was able to create powerful undead. Denerin was quickly overwhelmed with the rush of power and sought more and more. He delved into the Void so deeply that he invoked a negative energy spirit into himself. Denerin became a lich commander, a powerful magical being with an army of undead. He and his creations overwhelmed the community of dark water and the entire southern half of the Willowshire Valley. Powerful magics were able to contain the undead threat, but the southern Willowshire was lost to them.”

– Brendenbryl the Lore Walker, Journal 5 – Entry 7

“In the Willowshire Valley, in the Tarlan Mountain foothill town of Parlan, I learned of a tale about a strange cave. While I sat telling tales in the town’s foremost tavern and inn, The Lazy Smile, I heard people talking about a crazy gnome illusionist named Groegex, who lived and died there. The crazy gnome’s spirit haunts the cave according to the storyteller. Once a month, on the dark of the moon, all manner of lights and strange things begin to happen. People can hear a crazed laugh of the dead gnome and many have seen spirits walking amongst the trees near the cave. It is a place of mystery and I for one must remember to get more information on this strange tale.”

– Brendenbryl the Lore Walker, Journal 5 – Entry 6

“In the Willowshire, near the Taraland Mountains, resides the domain of the Marsh Lord of Willowshire. Alorrn Price, a famed alchemist in the township of Parlon located in the foothills of the Taraland Mountains, was legendary in the Willowshire Valley. Alorrn was a master mutagen potion brewer and created many transformative concoctions for adventurers and spellcasters alike. One day as evening approached, Alorrn was kidnapped by a cult group known as the Twisted Snakes. A deadly group of black cabal spellcasters, the Twisted Snakes brought Alorrn into the nearby Willowshire Marsh. For weeks the master of the Twisted Snakes, forced Alorrn to brew potions and assist his cult with their bizarre rituals. After months of captivity, Alorrn was taken to the ritual chamber where he had many times seen dark rituals performed on other captives. Alorrn figured that as long as he was valuable that he was safe. He quickly discovered he was gravely mistaken. In an effort to enhance their captives performance, the cult set upon him with a dark ritual that began a terrible transformation. Alorrn Price became a beast of hideous description. His body became large and twisted, contorting into a humanoid monster. His hair became black and stringy, his eyesight sharp and focused. His muscles became powerful and his mind enhanced. He broke free from the restraints and killed the fleeing Twisted Snake cultists. Breaking through a wall, he disappeared into the marsh. The people of Parlon still tell the tragic tale of Alorrn’s fall and transformation. He continues to take people on occasion who wander into the marsh to conduct experiments on them, to remake them in his visage.”

– Brendenbryl the Lore Walker, Journal 5 – Entry 5

“On the eastern shore of Iss’Kotoyu, on a stretch of sandy grassland, lies the small fishing village of Flowing Fans. The villagers here are mostly fisherman by trade and they celebrate with a Fan Festival after each successful fishing outing. It was because of this particular festival that the village received its name. The village has adorned their buildings which they have fashioned from rice paper and a flexible wood known as Kaya wood. Kaya is a common type of wood found throughout Iss’Kotoyu and used a lot in construction. The villagers hang decorations which are paper balls lit by a type of cantrip spell. The lights have long colored flowing tails on them made from a type of rice paper. These different lights are colored in reds, blues, greens, yellows, and oranges. The tails of each lights has a family name on them which the lights illuminate as a way to honor this particular family for their contribution to the village. There are many exotic kinds of seafood and fresh fruits and vegetables that are prepared. Some are even cooked and served on wooden sticks after having been rotated on open fires. At night they have dances that are centuries old to honor the bounty they have received. The festival is a must see if you are travelling near this village.”

– Brendenbryl the Lore Walker, Iss’Kotoyo – Entry 3

“The Ondarin Monks who live at the base of Silver Peak in the Snowfall Mountains are an interesting order. The monks have taken a vow to try to reach perfect attunement with their environment. Each monk dresses in simple clothes of red robes, highlighted with white flowers. The white flowers on the robes are to represent Snowfall Lilies which only grow in a valley on the north face of Silver Peak. The flowers are a symbol to the monks as a sign of what can be achieved by the most delicate of things in nature when appropriately synchronized with the world about them. Once a year, every monk will make a journey to the valley where the flowers grow, to renew themselves with a liquid that is produced from the flower’s petals. This keeps the monks ageless and free of any disease or other ailment. The flowers are not known to grow anywhere else and the monks treat the area as sacred. They believe that Ondarin, spirit goddess of Snowfall, put the flowers there to reward those loyal to her and her cause.”

– Brendenbryl the Lore Walker, Iss’Kotoyo – Entry 2

“In the far off sister land to Dardnul lies the continent of Iss’Kotoyo. I discovered in the province of Medenfel, there is a place the locals call the Wailing Sorrows. It is a series of caves set into the base of a volcanic mountain. The caverns are a series of interconnected tunnels and there are winds that wail as they blow through them. There is no apparent source to the wind, but the nearby villages believe that their ancestors who did not achieve their destinies in life have their spirits trapped there. They say the screaming is their souls crying out for help and they are doomed to never rest. Many who have had overexposure to these caverns have gone insane and even have hurled themselves from the cliffs surrounding the caverns. A local shaman I spoke with said it was the unrest in the spirits that caused the unrest in a man. The overwhelming sadness causes insanity and the desire to be at peace at all costs.”

– Brendenbryl the Lore Walker, Iss’Kotoyo – Entry 1

“In the Galandak Foothills of Eastern Dardnul, deep in the Galandak Mountains I discovered a strange phenomenon. Hidden amongst these peaks, lies a clear as glass deep lake. Mirror Lake it is called because of its fetching clearness that draws in anyone who sees their reflection in the surface. A white dragon named E’keneran sits by the waters and stares at himself in the clear pool. Strangely immune to its effects, he enjoys the shiny waters of the lake. E’keneran often eats people and animals who become enthralled by the lakes charms and even has put his hoard of treasures on the lakes bottom further tempting people into the cold waters. Once caught in the lake’s spell, they are drawn into the water where they drown and become food for the dragon. A chilling place to be sure, but the lake is beautiful.”

– Brendenbryl the Lore Walker, Journal 2 – Entry 29

“This series of journals will highlight my experiences in the Silene Province of Western Dardnul. I often find myself inexplicably drawn back to this particular region. As as lot of my knowledge is transferred and gained via storytelling, I spend a great deal of time in inns, pubs, and taverns, the great social hubs of cities. *chuckles*. The first entry in this journal should start with the capital city of Silene Province, Sillene.

I came across this particular settlement upon receiving a gracious invitation from the Draconne family. A prominent noble family, I have been friends with them for many years and through the generations. After my visit, I decided to visit the nearby capital and see what was going on there. I found myself to a seedy part of town, the wharf district I believe it was, and made my way to an inn. The Dragon Fire Inn was a wonderful atmosphere for storytelling and every night something seemed to happen making it anything but a dull place to visit. The small inn is ran by Kanna, a half elven thief that I am proud to call friend. For a thief, she seems to have a remarkable capacity for good will. A master of the thrown dagger, this woman runs the inn with efficiency and mischief. If in Sillene, it is a must visit, ask for the special drink of the day and tell her Brendenbryl sent you.”

– Brendenbryl the Lore Walker, Journal 4 – Entry 1

“While traveling Northern Dardnul, I visited with the peoples of the Crux barbarian tribe. It was during their winter festival which they call the Passage. It is when barbarian warriors of their tribes put forth their best efforts to claim the prestigious status of world wanderer. Each tribe will put forth their best warrior once a year. Those warriors will fight, often to the death, with the victor being given honor and the world wanderer privilege. This is a right extended to the young warrior to prove themselves first in the tribe, then outside of it, eventually returning to their people and making them stronger as a whole. While there I heard interesting stories of battles with their foes the Frost Giants. A clan of frost giants live on the nearby glacier and often the two groups clash in territorial disputes. If you ever find yourself in the northern reaches, stop in and spend some time with these unique people….unless you are a frost giant!”

– Brendenbryl the Lore Walker, Journal 5 – Entry 4

“I am Bredenbryl. I am not used to having to describe myself beyond this, as most I encounter seem to know me. *chuckles*. I am many things to many people, but mostly I am a collector and sharer of knowledge in its many forms. I love to spin yarns around the campfire with the many people I meet. I have seen strange wonders and everyday lives. So if it is a tale you seek, sit right down and I will begin…..”

– Brendenbryl the Lore Walker, An Introduction